August 26, 2009

New FB Friend

Just recently I got hooked with Facebook and it’s so nice to meet new friends at different places. One of them is Doug Kaplan, a 30 year old man originated from New York and happens to live in Orlando Florida. What makes me more interested in him is because he is still young to have that entrepreneurial spirit who would always try different ideas on making money. At his young age works in lead generation, and he really enjoys doing that a lot, and he is also working on a few big projects that would surely reshape his whole business in the next few months. I guess he would be a great help for us who wanted to engage more on business networking.


Mommy Dharlz said...

does he play farmtown? add naku xa, wahehehe

pet said...

aba parang magandang oportunidad yan ah na makilala mo sya kasi nasa net business ka din di ba