August 31, 2009

Vote for Righteousness!

We usually hear from different media sources about the updates of the coming 2010 presidential elections that are controversial as early as of now. Well, truly it would be that hot since we have to make the right decision on who will take over to become the leader of our nation that is already decaying morally and experiencing economically bankruptcy because of great wickedness and deep corruption.

As early as of today, I am so decided to cast my sacred vote for the righteous man. I don't compromise my vote for a lesser evil. They will still do evil things. I suggest, let us lift up a righteous candidate to give way for national cleansing and transformation and let us vote for righteous governance.

If you are still undecided, there is a site which will help you to make wise decisions in this coming election through social networking tools such as blog, chat, political forum and multimedia portal. You can even read some articles about political issues if you happened to miss it on the news (TV,Radio and etc). is powered by the global network of, an online classified ad portal, and, Asia Pacific’s leading job portal.

I know I can get lots of good informations from this site that would help me in so many ways through joining their forums, answering some discussions, even sharing my own opinion as a Mindanaoan blogger. I am already fed up with rugs to riches story of any presidential aspirant. For sure, we do not need traditional politicians who fill their mouth with promises, that is why as a Kagay-anon I would be so proud to stand up for righteousness through this site. By the way, I have taken the opinion poll with the question “The Most important issue in choosing your next President?” I choose the ETHICAL ISSUES! Let us vote for righteousness - for righteousness exalts a nation.

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