August 23, 2009

Yummy Sunday: Suman w/ Latik

Have you tried this one? This is called the "Nilatikang Suman". This was our desserts after we ate our breakfast as we traveled home from Cagayan de Oro to Ozamis City last Friday. It was my first time to eat such, indeed it was so yummy! The "suman" is breaded with dessicated coconut plus the yummy latik! Deliciouso!!!!


Perfectly Blended said...

I never tried this but looking at the photo tells me that it's yummy!

Did you bring some for me? I'll see your around girl :)

Ladynred said...

It's the first time I've seen it. I always think suman is with the wrapper!

Laureen said...

Naglaway gyud ko kay murag lami ug lapa ko katilaw time pasalubong ha.he!he!