August 20, 2009

MM: Rain, Rain Go Away!

Just a trivia:
Every time my daughter asks me to get her umbrella when she wants to
go out and play in the rain, she will just sing to me the "
ella, ella,eh-eh"
(umbrella song by rihanna).

Happy Mommy Moments to all!

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God Bless us all!


Chris said...

you have a cute and talented little girl :D

genejosh said...

ang cute naman...alam na nya kanta ni Rihanna ha...

Mine's up too:

BTW way is i have a tag and award for you here:

Willa said...

ang cute ng kanyang umbrella, kasing cute nya. :)

JLaine said...

hahaha! singer diay ni c entet.. aysa..pwd ba na mabasa iyang payong? hahaha!
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Twinkie said...

Hahahaha! Brilliant and funny cute little girl! :D

Unknown said...

cutie baby..hehehe..singer pa..

Chubskulit Rose said...

hahaha i love your entry, so cute!

Here's mine

kamz said...

she is so adorable in her japanese umbrella! cute naman, kumakanta na!

Clarissa said...

I love her Japanese umbrella!!She's so cute,Mommy Phebie!!\(^0^)/Walang Japanese umbrella ang anak ko lol!!

Meikah said...

oh how cute!!! :)

Hazel said...

cute song of your lil girl :-) I love the color combination of her umbrella and dress. hugs!

Happy Thoughts said...

Ang cute ng girl and ang cute din ng umbrella. Kakatuwa naman. hehe

Happy Thoughts

Mys said...

i love the parasol. so cute

life's journey said...

Ganda naman ni baby oy kiss ko bi hehehhe. Happy weekend diha. Naa pod ko entry...TC

onlinemommy said...

Your daughter is cute in her Japanese umbrella. Was she inside the car on the last photo?

Happy MM.