August 29, 2009

Psalty and the Kids Praise Team

Anyone of you here knows Psalty- the singing songbook? I really missed him so much, I just reminisced those times when we were still kids presenting some of the Kids Praise songs in the church. I am loving his songs even up to now that I am already married (I do have collections of their album. I am so happy that even my daughter knows some of his songs too. For once in my life I did enjoy my childhood days together with Psalty and the Kids Praise Team.

Wish to see them again on stage...


Mommy Dharlz said...

My sister played Psaltina in the gradeschool glee club rendition of Kid's Praise at Corpus Christi, a loooong time ago, hehehe..

Mommy Phebs, join me in FROM MY KITCHEN beh.. that's a food meme..

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pet said...

oi nakita ko bigla sa psalty, ang sarap panoorin ng video nila ng mga kids ha! paborito ko nga yon ano..?