August 28, 2009

On Email Hosting

Just this evening, we were talking with my cousin based in Australia about her life there and we happened to tackle about getting an email hosting. I was a bit curious about it that’s why she shared to me about the business-class messaging and collaboration solution that offers all of the functionality and features of Microsoft Hosted Exchange server without the significant challenges and costs of managing an in-house Exchange solution which is called the Hosted Exchange.

By the way, I was not contented with her explanation that’s why I took my time in searching the net about it. Fortunately I found, it is backed by the IPMG, which is one of Australia’s largest privately owned investment groups with substantial printing, distribution, merchandising and digital media assets. They are the most capitalized hosting provider in Australia that removes the financial risks and concerns associated with implementing and managing your web hosting needs.

Back to my cousins plan to get an email hosting, she was so glad that it can enable small to medium companies to:

- Access and Share information – share calendars, folders and contacts
- Get more out of an email system so that employees can get more done
- Get the peace of mind that comes from a professionally managed service.

What’s good about it is their email communications are encrypted to keep your business communications private and are protected by advanced security features. Sounds cool right?

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