August 16, 2009

HapPy Belated Birthday Ptra Nenette!

Wow! as they've said...Life really begins at 40! lolz...
I know I am 2 days late already to post this one, well...better late than never. :)

Just wanna say Happy, Happy Birthday to you our dear Ptra!
Wishing you ALL what God has instore for you!


When everything seems to go wrong, Just P.U.S.H.!
When the job gets you down, Just P.U.S.H.!
When people don’t react the way you think they should, Just P.U.S.H.!
When giving is low and the bills are due, Just P.U.S.H.!
When people don’t understand you, Just P.U.S.H.!
Pastora Nenette, thanks for being so "pushy"!

P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens!

once again...belated Happy Birthday and God Bless you more!

1 comment:

Nenette said...

thanks love! nalingaw ko sa lahi-lahi ako hitsura lol... i appreciate it very much. take care, more blessings to you & ur family