September 2, 2015

How to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

While your small space may be quaint, it may be lacking that open, roomy feel. If your home is starting to feel more claustrophobic than comfy and spacious, you don’t need more square feet to remedy your space quandary. Here’s what some design experts say about making small spaces, bigger. 

Some design experts say white walls are best for small spaces. However, sometimes darker colors can make a room appear larger, too. Paint colors like Mediterranean blues, deep grays, rich aubergines and roasted browns can all make a small room appear larger. If you opt for white walls, add contrast to the room with a dark floor. This contrast between light and dark can make the space pop. For color ideas, House Beautiful has curated a list of the best paint colors for small spaces and suggests using Benjamin Moore paints. While deep colors are best in living spaces, lighter, more airy colors are best for bedrooms, as they don’t inhibit sleep like some deeper, darker colors are known to do. 

Wall Hangings 
If you are decorating your white walls, consider hanging a few mirrors here and there. By hanging mirrors you can create the illusion of a larger living space. Consider decorating with a grouping of three or more mirrors, or for a more modern look, decorate with one large mirror. The Pottery Barn has a wide selection of decorative mirrors to choose from that can complement any home’s interior style. Artwork is also a wonderful way to decorate the empty walls in your small space, as large, visually interesting wall hangings can make your space appear bigger. Design professionals suggest using hanging a large artwork that features a color that recedes, like blue, for example, to make your room feel more spacious. 

If you’re making your home in a small space, you need to use small furniture. Multiple, large, bulky furnishings can make the room feel much smaller than really it is. By using furniture that’s to scale, or by using just one large piece, you can make the room appear larger, according to the design experts from Apartment Therapy. They also suggest using furniture with legs, as it makes a room appear bigger. Choose a neutral-colored mid-century loveseat or small-scale sofa like the ones offered from West Elm. The furniture designer offers a selection of specialty pieces that are perfect for maximizing space in small living areas. 

One of the difficulties many people who live in small spaces face is having enough storage. Without proper storage, clutter builds up, which can fill up a room, quick. When freestanding dressers, bookcases and other storage solutions are not an option, consider modular storage and built-in storage. These types of storage solutions can be configured to fit any small space from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling, maximizing tiny bedrooms spaces and giving you more storage. Furnish your storage solutions with some of your favorite things, photos or a vase of fresh-cut flowers. For inspiration, visit your local IKEA. The Scandinavian furniture retailer has a wide range of customizable built-ins to browse. 

 Think Outside the Box, or Home 
If you’re strapped for space inside, consider taking your entertaining and living space outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have a patio, deck or backyard, furnish this area with comfy seating, tables and a decorative rug. Whether the space is just for your enjoyment or if you use it to entertain guests, going outside is a great way to optimize your living space in a small home or apartment.

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