August 1, 2015

Fish Bowl Vases – The Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Every bride wants her wedding to be unique. This is why so much attention is paid to the dress, the venue, the music, the food and, of course, the decorations. If you want to do something that not many brides have done before you, you could consider fish bowl vases as centerpieces of your wedding tables. Not only are these beautiful, you will also make sure that people immediately have something to talk about.

Fish Bowl Vases at Wedding

Usually, the best fish to use for a wedding centerpiece is a goldfish or a betta fish. Betta fish are a lot more beautiful than goldfish, however, because they have stunning tails and gorgeous colors. However, goldfish are a lot cheaper and they are easier to care for. After all, once the wedding is over, you will suddenly have quite a few fish on your hands.

What to Do with Your Fish Bowl Vases
One thing that some brides do at their wedding, which immediately solves the problem of what to do with the fish bowl vases afterwards, is run a little competition. They ask everybody at each table to name the fish, for instance, and the best name wins the fish bowl, meaning they can take it home with them afterwards. Do make sure your wedding favors include some fish food in that case.

How to Prepare the Fish Bowl Vases
You must make sure that the water in your fishbowl has been properly treated before you put the fish in. You should be able to purchase treatment drops or tablets from the same store as where you get your fish. A round fish bowl tends to look the most beautiful, although some brides prefer the cylinder shape. The problem with that one, however, is that it is very easy to knock over, particularly if there are children (or clumsy adults for that matter) at your wedding.

Do also make sure you add some decoration to your fish bowls. You could top it with a green plant, for instance, so that you also have some of the more traditional wedding decoration in the form of flowers. Furthermore, it will stop people from poking their fingers in the water to touch the fish. If you have a color theme at your wedding, then you could consider adding some glass pebbles, marbles or rocks to the bottom of your fish bowl in the color of your wedding. Smooth dark river rocks always look amazing as well, and you could (if you have the time) write something on the rocks, such as the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

Because these centerpieces are so interesting, you may not need any other type of decoration on your table. As such, although the bowls, fish, food and treatment products may cost a little bit more than a flower arrangement, you could also end up saving more by not having to spend so much on other things.

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