July 29, 2015

Wedding Venues: Finding the Right Location for the Best Day of Your Life

Your wedding will almost certainly be one of the most important days of your life. This is why it’s of paramount importance that you find the right venue for your impending nuptials. Wedding venues are a very personal choice and should reflect your unique tastes, personalities and (of course) budgetary restraints. Of the many factors to take into consideration when selecting your wedding venue you should visit each potential venue with a list of exactly what it is you’re looking for.
Grand Canyon National Park The Venue

Of primary concern when selecting wedding venues should be the accessibility of the venue for your guests and how much it will cost to hire. You should also factor in the size of the venue (making sure it can comfortably hold all of your guests), it’s time restrictions and it’s aesthetic qualities. Of course the venue can be as humble as a local hotel or as grand as an Olympic stadium but either way it needs to “Feel” right, “Look” right and contain all of the facilities that you’d expect of a wedding venue. We've all (unfortunately) seen “Don't Tell The Bride,” so we know that the venue doesn't necessarily have to be a conventional church or town hall, but take into account that more unconventional venues probably won't be equipped to handle a wedding without some help. On the other hand, if your other half is particularly quirky, the very idea of staging the most important day of their lives might make them shudder. A good middle ground would be a grand hotel on the outskirts of a major city, with decent transport links for guests. Chester Hotels are particularly gorgeous, affordable, and desirable, as the city is located just south of Liverpool and close to the Welsh border.

Of course when it comes to wedding venues the world really is your oyster (many may opt for a less conventional scenario for their wedding), but it is advisable to use a location that comes with recommendations specifically for holding weddings. Planning a wedding is amongst the most stressful things you will ever have to do, with every minor detail needing to be not only absolutely perfect of it’s own accord, but perfectly in sync with all the other elements of the wedding. Wedding venues that have been built with these ceremonies in mind will also be far more practical and will be more likely to be able to accommodate all guests and will most likely offer a selection of reception rooms fit for weddings of all sizes.

The All Inclusive Option

You will of course also need to consider if you want the entire wedding to take place in the same location or if you will be booking the wedding venue just for the reception (with the ceremony itself taking place in a church or registry office perhaps). Certain wedding venues might offer packages that will give couples discounted rates when they use the venue for both the ceremony and reception. The venue might also involve the capacity to accommodate guests overnight, which will be incredibly handy for couples that have guests travelling from abroad. Larger hotels are a perfect fit, because not only will they give the bride, groom and family somewhere to stay after the ceremony and reception are over, but they might also have extra features such as a spa or golf course that your guests can enjoy. You're more likely to find these kind of facilities in an area of the UK such as Chester, and the area surrounding it. Indeed, if you're particularly keen on a decent health Spa Cheshire is world-renowned for them!
Fairytale Fabulous

The only down side of the all-inclusive option, is that your wedding could feel a little “Cookie-cutter,” especially if you happen to have been to a few other similar weddings in recent years. Still, the convenience and affordability of the option is not to be scoffed at, and having all of the location work sorted in one in one move will leave you with a lot less work and a fewer stress headaches!

21st Century Marriage

Of course searching for suitable wedding venues is even more of a headache if you’re a same-sex couple looking for a civil partnership. Since April 1995, it has been legal for same-sex couples to hold civil wedding ceremonies in venues other than registry offices (provided the registrar conducting the ceremony has been licensed no less than 15 days before the ceremony) and this means the options have really opened up with wedding venues from hotels to castles and country homes to even football stadiums now licensed to wed loving partners regardless of sexual preference. 

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