February 18, 2012

The Nature of Business

Just this morning as we are on our way to the airport, we happened to pass by a business shop of our friend. Hubby told me that our friend got the right place where she put her business up because she has no competitors at all. Bang! That’s what he thought! Actually, I guess two of the same nature of business she’s into was also arising in the same place. Well, I told hubby that a business cannot really be called as business if there are no competitors at all.

Back to business, since I earned my business related degree hubby wants me to engage into like what he’s into. Well, it would be a great idea too but I guess if ever I’ll start one, I’d rather put up a wholesale/retail store of RTWs coming from abroad. Why because I know someone who can really help me in putting up stuffs like these. He referred to me about a retail store~ a one stop shop for all the retail store merchandising and supply needs.

For your info, this industry leads an assortment of over 7,500 products which contains many new and unique items that you will not find available anywhere else. You can only find it in them, so better check back often for the latest trends in their store innovation plus they have competitive pricing, no small order fees, and an easy ordering process help you get your store needs fast. Oh by the way, they also cater retail store fixtures and slat wall to mannequins and signage. What’s good about them? Every one of their products comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Okay then, I’ll try to invest in this kind of business so soon. God-willing!

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