February 15, 2012

Campus Book Rentals Saves Student’s Money

For many decades students were buying their expensive college textbooks only to find them worthless at the end of the semester. This cycle was repeated semester after semester, year after year until graduation. Thankfully, Campus Book Rentals has changed the rules by allowing their clients to simply rent the textbooks that they need and return them at the end of the semester, allowing students to save over 50% per cost of a book. With free shipping both ways, there are no additional hidden fees associated with a textbook rental. The rental time periods suit the life of a busy college student with rental periods ranging from semester, to quarter, to summer rentals. There is a 15 day or 30 day rental extensions that can be purchased if you need to keep your textbook just a little bit longer in order to study for that big final exam. With Campus Book Rentals there are no regrets, even if you decide that you really should have purchased the book you can simply pay the difference between the rental price and the value of the book and keep it with you forever. If forever, doesn’t suit you and you decide that for any reason the textbook is not needed, feel free to return it, hassle free, within 30 days of ordering for a full refund. Whether you are Training Your Pet Ferret or learning Theoretical Nuclear Physics, you can be sure to find the exact textbook to suits your needs and your wallet.

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