February 6, 2012

StyledOn for Fashion Oriented

Are you a fashion oriented, shopping lover, designer and style enthusiasts who want to be discovered and even earn points out from it? Then StyledOn would be the best site for you! Actually, I happened to surf over this site when my fashionholic friend told me about this.

As I browsed over their site, I find it so interesting because they also have this what they call a Fashion Social Network wherein everyone can join their international community influencers and brand ambassadors from the world. They are real people from New York to New Delhi and beyond that inspired one another through personal style as trendsetters and taste-makers. If you think you are one of them then be a member of this community.
Another thing is that you can also shop over 3000 brands that you love of different styles of well known emerging designers across the globe. By simply searching their names on it, automatically you can shop all that you really wanted to have. What’s good about being a brand conscious is that, through this site you can also post your best pictures and tag the brand that you’re wearing. If it happens that someone has able to shop with your looks then you might as well become a style icon and other way around you are influencing a designer or two along the way. Isn’t it cool?

Above all these things, the more you play in this site the more earnings you will have because in every comment and compliments made and etc you will unlock new badges and earn points. So better sign-up now and be discovered!

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