November 21, 2009

Why Buy When You Can Win!

Last Friday, we were having pictorials in the office wearing our Green T-shirts to celebrate the Rice Awareness month. Posing here and there, I have noticed that my camera that I have been using for almost three years is not of good quality at all as I compared it to my officemate’s digicam. Oh my! I need to have a new one the soonest. Well, I just have my wish list for this Christmas and one of the I really wanted to have is a new Digital SLR. Whew! I still need to save more just to have it!

As I was surfing the net on where should buy an inexpensive camera, I was lead into this unique auction You can bid and win your favorite brand new products like Nintendo WII and other brand new consumer electronics and gadgets, watches and other desirable consumables from leading manufacturers. Guess what? I just signed up and was able to get 5 free bids from them. A bit excited since I am on the leads of my two bids. Wohoo!

There are some of the reasons why BidHere is chosen upon other penny auction sites:

- Only $0.60 (US) per bid
- Every bid placed, increases the product price by $0.02
- 5 Bids free when your register - Fair Auction Guarantee
- Start your own auction
- Redeem your win for cash!
- 10 free bids for every 100 bids you place.
- 100% secure payment options - Strict Privacy Policy guaranteed
- No one looses his/her money. We give you the possibility to purchase the product you’re interested in at anytime. All the bids you place on an auction are offered as a discount off the recommended retail price of the item.

I just hope I will be the winner in order for me to fulfill one of my wish lists and my Christmas would be complete! I am just so excited and I can’t believe that I have just found this site and be able to win a bargain!

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