November 14, 2009

Pls Vote for my Daughter!

Just this noontime as I was having a lunch break I was able to read about
the Samsung Tap and Take Contest. Here's their 2nd mission:
upload the cutest baby photo, and get as many votes as you can
and win a Samsung ST550 dual LCD Camera!

Without so much's my cutest entry for my lovely daughter DANIELLE!

Just click her photo below and please leave a COMMENT and then LIKE it!

Samsung Tap and Take

Thank you so much for all your support and God Bless!


David Funk said...

Phebie, I wanted to vote for your daughter, but for some reason, I can't comment or like the photos. The right photo is just priceless, and there's no way I could not vote for that.

BTW, I did send you an invite on FB, too.

Hope your very adorable and cute daughter wins!

Momgen said...

kaguapa ug cute ba sa imo anak Phebie....

Unknown said...

mem, I voted for entet!!!