November 23, 2009

Food Trip @ San Diego

My friend who’s living abroad is having much fun since her sister from San Diego came to visit her in New York to celebrate her birthday with her family. The long awaited has come, and they were having a road trip and currently they were now in the heart of Washington. They planned it long before to have a shopping spree, food tripping, bar hopping and so on. She just told me that they were really enjoying one’s company.

Same as with my friend, she will visit also her sister by next year to attend a friend’s wedding and at the same time they were planning to have food tripping to and they were so curious about the best fine dining San Diego offers and that includes Trattoria Acqua. It is an authentic home style Italian food in a Mediterranean setting. Aside from that they will be enjoying their good taste while overlooking beautiful La Jolla Cove! They can’t wait anymore for their next summer get together.

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