November 19, 2009

NightLife with Friends so Soon...

One more week to go and we will be having some fun again with my co-workers after work on Friday. Well, one way of distressing from a very tedious work is giving some time for ourselves and relaxing together with some friends. That is why we are all so excited for this coming nightlife event. lol :)

Speaking of nightlife, there is always this “hot new thing”! One day you’re the It spot, next day you’re not. Actually there is this public relations company specializing in nightlife venues which has already worked with some of the brightest names in the business, devising story angles, celebrity events, promotions and media opportunities that keep them firmly on the social radar long after the initial buzz has died down. cool huh!

How we wish they could offer us their service here in our place so that we can be able to know as to where the venue that we should go next!

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