November 4, 2009


Just this few days, hubby and I were planning to have a car of our own. It is one of our checklists that need to be realized so soon because we are considering it now as a necessity rather than a luxury. Actually, I would rather go for the inexpensive one than with a higher value but at the end I will be ending up paying it for 5 years time.

Well, we’re looking or shall we say scouting some second hand and then compared it with the brand new ones. For sure I can’t afford to buy like lincoln mkz and cadillac cts, it will be too expensive that I can consider myself living a luxurious way if I’ll do that. But who knows, in God’s own perfect time- by just owning an audi a5s is a great privilege and opportunity for me.

This is some kind of a daydreaming for me! To those who are planning to buy new cars in the market, then, it would be best to visit thecarconnection dot com. There you can have a vast of choices on what brand, as to what color and model you wanted. Hope we could find the one that we are considering much, the budget!

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