September 15, 2010

Saddest Moment

So true that God allows some things for some reasons. Yeah, last month was a month of grieving for us aside from the fact the my sister-in-law's shocking death, I had my miscarriage too. I don't know what really happened that after I had my spotting I went to see for my ObGyne but so shocked to know and hear the truth that the 2 months embryo inside was not there already. My doctor told me that if ever we were able to save the baby, there's a possibility that he/she will have some abnormalities. Well, everything happened for a reason and I'm still thankful to God for allowing such things.

Anyway, here are some of my pix taken while I was confined last August 4-5, 2010 @ Madonna and Child Hospital.

From ER to Operating Room......

@ the recovery room after my 30 minute D&C Operation...

Ouch! It is so painful to know that after the operation, the baby's not there at your side...:(
Anyway, life has to move on.

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