September 24, 2010

CSC's 110th Anniversary

The Civil Service Commission just celebrated its 110th Anniversary for this month of September. Just yesterday we attended a culmination activity through a Musial Show presentation by each agency. Since it was drawn, luckily our office got a presentation in which it is some ‘kinda related with our agency. Despite of what we heard that it was so crowded because of the limited space, one thing’s for sure we presented it so nicely. Different agencies presented with their different themes: some did the Miss Saigon, Les Miserable, High School Musical and even the Fifa World Cup Soundtrack- Waka-waka.

There was this one agency who presented the “One Night Only.” All of them were so sexy in their black dresses plus their venetian masks that made them so mysterious. Actually all of the men’s eyes were glued from the start until the presentation ended. lolz. At the end of the show, they removed all their masks and their true beauties were all appreciated.

Well, it was indeed a successful event hold by the CSC. Kudos to the organizers and we are so excited for the next years event.


ShoppaMomma said...

aw, abi ko ikaw ni ang isa diri nag hawid sa microphone. lol

Phebie said...

hahahah pastilan dolor! d ko ingana ka sexy shoppa momma...hheheheh