September 15, 2010

Rat Plan Implementation

Correct me if I’m wrong if it was only our office who hasn’t implemented the rationalization plan (Rat Plan). A month ago, our office was ordered to implement it that soonest that they have series of meetings just to finalize the plan. Whew! I think it will really affect some personnel's who will not qualify for the opened positions being offered by the office. It would be good news to those who have their educational background (licensed) with them or some they call it as professionals to handle such positions. I have heard from a friend that the vacant positions being offered to us (contractual) are more on the technical aspects. But well, on our part who’s not qualified for it how can we apply such? She told me that there are some positions offered like some researchers and etc but you need to qualify as well to have some research degrees or else you will not have it.

Oh my! Lord, help me to achieve what I wanted to have this time. I guess I can apply for others since I do have my master’s degree with me after all.

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