September 24, 2010

Exercise Ideas For Busy Moms: Running Shoes Can Help

We all know that getting plenty of sleep and eating well are good habits for a mom to have. By eating healthy foods and getting rest every night, our bodies can have the necessary energy and good health needed to feel good and take care of our children. Many moms often leave out one other important element to overall good health, and that is exercise. Whether it be walking, riding an exercise bike, yoga, or even aerobics, moms need to lace up those running shoes and get some exercise.

Exercising with young children can be a challenge, but it is possible and can be a lot of fun. Children can be included no matter their age, as long as you adjust to ensure age-appropriate safety and accommodations. For example, very small babies will do fine wrapped snugly in a secure stroller while you walk or even jog. Toddlers can walk with you part of the way, and this is such a great time to talk about what you see and learn about the world. Take the stroller for them to ride when they tire, and you can get a brisk walk or jog in while they rest. Older children can join you in walking or running, learning how good exercise is for everybody. Just remember to be sure they wear properly-fitting running shoes so they can prevent injuries.

If you prefer to exercise at the gym, some gyms have child care provided for part of the time while other places have child-oriented games and other ways for children of all ages to participate in exercising and having fun while you work out. Proper running shoes are important for all ages when exercising or participating in any activity where there is lots of foot movement, so take the time to find the right shoes before you start exercising.

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