March 6, 2012

Clothing Brand Conscious

Clothing is just a term that refers to a covering for the human body that is worn. Remember not all body coverings are regarded as clothing~ eyeglasses, scarves, purses, jewelries and etc are normally considered as accessories.

Basically, clothings are for:

  • protection from uncomfortably hot or cold weather (sun burn, frost bite)

  • protection during hazardous activities such as hunting, hiking, cooking and the production of arts and crafts

  • Protection from very hazardous situations such as fire or the effects of warfare or terrorism

  • Social identification of the social class of strangers by means of informal clothing styles or uniforms

  • Identification of members of a particular team, group or political affiliations.

  • deception involving the use of disguise

  • Social intimidation or reassurance by associating particular forms of dress code with functions such as religious or military activities that may be beneficial or harmful to the observer.

  • But don’t you know that the wearing of clothes also has social implications? To some they wore such in order to cover those parts of the body which social norms require to be covered, and act as a form of adornment, as well as other social purposes. Speaking of social implications, brand conscious people are starting to arise when it comes to clothing’s. They wanted to be identified as having a social class in the society and the very essence of wearing it has no sense at all.
    I remember a friend of mine that as much as possible he will just wear Dickies Clothing other than any other brands. Just imagine that, anyway, it's their prerogative to wear such. I guess problem may arise if you cannot afford to shop  and maintain branded clothings, otherwise, better settle for any quality products that are just affordable at your end!

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