March 18, 2012

Get the Look Even if You're Preggy

I remember those moments that I had for my two wonderful pregnancies. Every time I see pregnant women nowadays, I may sometime missed those days that I went through. Pretty sure, I'll not be able to experience such because I already had my tubal ligation 9 months ago. :)

To some, being a pregnant is an excuse  of not taking care of one's self/look during this stage because of some unexplainable reasons that women may experience. In my case, it's the other way around~ it's just all in the mind! In my case, I really love to look and feel good even if I already had those bulging bumps with me. I just love to wear those cheap maternity dresses, it doesn't matter with me if it's expensive or not but as long as if it will feel me more comfy, pretty and sexy then I'll go for it!

So, to all the pregnant women out there~ Go and Get the Look!

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