March 23, 2012

Pink Fridays: The Pink Bike for my Son

Am I kidding in giving him such color? Actually, that pink bike was a "hand-me-down" from his Ate Danielle when she was 10 months old. What a coincidence since today marks my son's 10th month also! You can see on his face on how happy he is every time he rides on his PINK bike. :)

Be a good boy always baby Josh!

Happy Pink Fridays everyone...


Jessica said...

what a cutie he is Sis :-) love the pink bike :-) Visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return a pink visit too.

Leah H. said...

Color doesn't really matter it is the function/uses:) He likes it, priceless!

Visiting for Pink Friday- hope you can stop by:)

emzkie said...

why not? lol. at that age they dont know the differece, as long as they have fun. thats a very cute ride u got there boy.

from pf

gRaSyAh said...

Baby pa naman sya, dpa sya aware sa color biases ng mga gender..

But seriously, pink are cute din naman with boys..

Dropping by from Pink Fridays!