March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Man I LOVE !

What's the best gift I could give you on your Birthday today? A perfect kiss? A loving hug? A few buckets of love? A carton of affection? Even all of this put together as your Birthday gift wouldn't be enough, even the wrapping paper in the world wouldn't be enough if I wanted to wrap my love for you as a special gift on your Birthday because you are so dear to me. :)

You've given me everything I've always asked for - lots of love, the best set of kids and the best life. Today it's my turn to ask you...Tell me something that I can give you today because it's your Happy Birthday! (ayaw lang ng mahal ha?) :) 

Anyway, I am so blessed of having you as my husband and the best father to our kids. You are indeed my mentor, my best friend and my lover! Always remember our wedding vow that as long as we live in this earth, we will continue loving each other no matter what!

We love you so much! Once again .....

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