March 2, 2012

Cure for Sexual Dysfunction

I do believe that we are all equal in any sense, right? But why is it that when it comes to sexual dysfunction we always get all the attention to men? But how about to women? Women are a part of the equation too and have issues along with the males.

As a woman, I agree with Men that women are extremely complicated humans. Why? Because we not only deal with hormones but we deal with bearing children. Time will come that the sex drive may be on the low side and it can be frustrating for both partners, then this would be the start of the menopausal period.

But hey, no worries they have already address this issue and that they've come up with the female viagra known as the Lovegra.It is known as the “little pink pill” instead of that little blue pill for men. It is also used for female impotency and contains the same active ingredient as used in Viagra. As a friendly advice, kindly read the lovegra side effects before trying it! ;)

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