December 18, 2010

Wrap It With Love

Tomorrow would be our Church Christmas party, just this afternoon we were so busy doing some Christmas rush shopping for our gift giving. Actually it really took time for us just to to pick the best gift for our manito and manita. Hubby choose either electronic gadgets or waterproof binoculars while me in a dilemma between apparels from small home fixtures. Of course no problem with my daughter we just went to the toy sections. Now, it's already late in the evening and 'm still wrapping the gifts for tomorrow's event. Guess what, I felt so tired already but still need to finish it all- whew! need more energy but I guess it would be perfect if I would do it with LOVE.

1 comment:

rjs mama said...

i still need to do my last minute christmas shopping. it's easier to buy gifts for kids, lots of toys during christmas season :)

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