December 8, 2010

Synthetic vs. Herbal Medicines

Do you believe that there is nothing more irritating to have than a reoccurring cough? Yes I do! Aside from rainy seasons that we’ve experienced and with the amount of pollutants now present in the air, the possible causes of the cough are wide ranging. People are exposed to numerous particles of dust, fumes and germs, pollutants (tobacco smoke, car exhaust fumes and airborne infections), throughout the day. With all of these pollutants, it is a wonder that we are not continually coughing 24 hours a day.

So what would be your best cough medicines? Would you go for synthetic or herbal medicines?

In my case, every time I have to experience cough I’ll just go for water therapy and lemon juice. Why? There’s a problem in me- I hate drinking tablets and capsules because I can hardly swallow it and sometimes I’ll end up vomiting. But if my doctor prescribed me to drink such, I’ll suggest going for syrup like Robitussin. I don’t know if it really works on me, it just give me a relief for a moment.

As a mom, when cough strikes my daughter I’ll go for herbal medicines because synthetic ones doesn’t work at all for her. In our office, we usually share/exchange some ideas on what’s the best med for coughs for their children. Most of them usually go for Ascof Lagundi. Without hesitation I did tried it for my daughter and so true it really works fast. Unlike before, her cough would last for 3 weeks at most but now seldom it will reach for 2 weeks.

So true, advertising plays an important role for audience like us on what to choose for the best medicine coughs. I’ll just smile every time I’ll see ads attacking each other brands claiming that they are the best. Well, only me can tell on which is best for me and for my family!

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