December 3, 2010

Why I Want Longer, Fuller Natural Lashes

Four years ago, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Danielle. The moment she came into this beautiful world, people do questioned me about her long beautiful lashes. They can't help but asked me where did she get that long natural curly lashes? Well in fact I got a short lashes while her dad got a long one but not as curly as she have. Actually, this is the main reason why I want to have a longer and a fuller natural lashes....

We all know that having a long eyelashes have always been seen as a sign of femininity and beauty. By nature our lashes serve as a sensor that warn us that the object is nearing our eyes aside from protecting our eyes from debris.

But women like me would really care about in terms of eyelashes. Do you? In my own opinion, the longer and thicker eyelashes you have the more beautiful, feminine and sexually desirable you are. Actually I am a mom who's really into make-ups. That is why, I love buying products that enhances my eyelashes length so that people may determine that Danielle is my daughter. :) Actually, I have been looking for this product ILASH that offers an increase in lash length appearance after 3 weeks. The one that I have been using only last for days and it will be back to it's original length. I don't wear fake lashes but I want to have a fullness of my thinning eyebrows plus a longer lashes like my daughter too. Hope to have one this season!

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