June 5, 2010

Our Mini Get Together

Last month, I initiated a mini-get together with my Grade VI- Osmena classmates. Sad to think that others were not able to be with us for some reasons: they are away from the country, they were so busy from work, have to prioritize their families and whatsoever reasons they have in mind. Anyhow, we were there to catch some updates with our long-long friends and classmates and we did enjoy so much reminiscing our past. lolz. Exchanging of whereabouts in life, some of my classmates where working abroad, working in a government agency, and one of them is working in an seo company. I was really curious when she said she is into search engine optimizing that I told her to give me some tips on how to do it. Maybe some time if she and I have enough time to sit down and talk about this matter. Well, to continue, we had our sumptuous dinner at Sentro 1850 and after that we headed to Silver Rain KTV to have our videoke nights and some drinks. Photo shooting still continues with our architect and at the same time photographer classmate. Indeed, we went home early dawn but still it’s still worth remembering even if we’re just a few.
Till next time friends!

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