June 8, 2010

My Cake Store GC

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My cell phone rang at around 5PM today- with the name on it Mommy Dharlz of More Food Adventures. "Yes hello mommy", then the conversation started...she asked me if I could met her at My Cake Store to claim the GC that Mommy Genebei won in her blog contest a month ago.

Within 15 minutes I arrived at the meeting place- My Cake Store!

here's Lili (mommy Dharlz beautiful daughter who handed me the GC)

Actually, I was so shocked when sis Genebei of Her and History left a message in my YM telling me that her won GC will be given to me. WOW thank you so much dear sis! I was about to join the contest but I was running out of time due to some events that we attended especially the Alaxan Search for the toughest Jobs in RP. Lucky me, that my sis in Christ gave it to me.

Anyway, I received the Php 150 worth of GC and was able to purchase it all for some sweets for our lil Danielle.

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH sis....

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Genefaith said...

kalami ba diay nga mga sweets sis makawalaay sa ato diet...lol! I'm glad I'm able to make your lil Danielle happy with those sweets you buy:) ayaw lang palabii pakaon sweets kay ang ngipon..he..he..me too I'm not into sweets lalo na chocolates kay maglabad ako ulo pag malabian lang..he..he...