June 19, 2010

Needs an Upgrade!

Last two weeks ago, I was so busy preparing for our month-end reports in the office that is why the whole day I’m in front of my office PC. I guess for the two whole weeks, I’m too much exposed to radiation since after office I need to be online for my other part-time job for the whole night. Grrrr..

I guess, there is always an exchange of what we are doing. We are being paid because we work. We also need to rest our body so as to regain much energy. But in my case, my eyes were so tired that it also needs to take a break. Whew! I got a terrible head ache after those times that I was force to use for my eyeglass the following week.

Guess what I have noticed? My prescription glass was given for my astigmatism and that it needs to be upgraded the soonest. Well, so excited to look for a style like this...

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