June 17, 2010

e-NGAS Updates

It’s been so long that I kept on hearing about our office plan- on using eNGAS (Electronic New Government Accounting System). It is actually an accounting software to ensure correctness, reliability, completeness and timeliness in recording government transactions. e-NGAS is a client-server type of application that requires a server and workstations. Other small agencies with an average of 100 Journal Entry Voucher (JEV) per month may use a standalone computer. I think hat’s the reason why until now, COA was not able to install it in our office because we are still currently looking for the best dedicated servers in town.

I guess ServerBeach would be the best answer if you want a complete control and root access to your servers! They offer low cost and powerful dedicated servers that can be easily managed remotely over the Internet. Aside from the fact that they are fast and really reliable, you can enjoy the convenience of their server management tools.

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