May 9, 2010

Blessed Mother's Day!

So true, being a mother is having the best work of all...why? because it isn't about salary, it's about giving PURE LOVE. Motherhood is really a tough 24-hour job. No overtime pay, no day off, most often unappreciated, resignation is not allowed. It is a lifetime commitment of taking care of the family.

I am so blessed to have a mom like my mom....she's the best! Now that I am a mother already, I do pray to God that I will give my very best to be the best mom too...somewhat like my children will be proud of me!

this was taken before going to Church....

Late this afternoon, I treated my mom and my cousins @ Big Flat Bread
to celebrate the event with us.

Of all the earthly things God gives, There's one above all others: It is the precious, priceless gift of loving Christian mothers.

Salute to all the Moms!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!


Karen Chayne said...

A Blessed Happy Mother's day to you sis!

JonaBQ said...

wahahahahaw! wala bang mas malaki pa? :D hehe! belated happy Mother's Day Phebie!

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