May 21, 2010

AyosDito Ah!

Blame it on men why women love to go on shopping. :) Yes women love to spend and spend and shop around. Now, with the advancement of new technologies some may opt to go online shopping rather than spending much of their time and effort at the mall. Just like me, I’d love to go surfing the net and look for the best stuff that I am planning to have. Just like my PC net book which I bought it online a year ago. As a mom, we buy stuffs with good quality and of course where we can save most.

Good thing that there are lots of shopping site online and is one in the list. Well aside from its easy, simple and free you can even choose your location/region where you from anywhere in the Philippines. You can either buy or sell stuffs, may it be new or old (pre-loved). Just last week, I went to a certain computer store and asked the saleslady on where to buy personalized laptop/net book skins but unfortunately, they don’t know. Good thing as I was browsing this noon time, I happened to search the one that I am looking for here at an affordable price of Php145.

Well, now that we are considering of purchasing our own house and lot, I think AyosDito dot ph would be a great help not just for me but as well as for my friend who just got married and who’s looking for an apartment for rent to live in and be able start a new family.

Hope you can visit the best marketplace in the Philippines site too…

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Karen Chayne said...

hi sis! is this from a paid opps post?