May 10, 2010

May 2010 Election

Today (May 10, 2010) marks the first automated election in the Philippines! Early this morning I immediately went to my assigned polling precinct and this is what I got.....

I was able to cast my vote in less than an hour. Haven't you noticed something? Well, the name that appear is my maiden name. I was a bit shocked that I was not able to change my status after I got married last 2005. Tsk tsk tsk...too bad! Anyway, what matters most is that I did not waste my vote! This was the evidence! (Actually, I wanted to take pictures inside the precinct but they don't allow)

Thanks God it was a smooth-sailing election day!
Now, I am so excited for the poll results on who will be our next President!

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Karen Chayne said...

taga barra, opol diay ka sis? hehehe! ako taga balulang cdo ko... ;-)