May 9, 2010

Bro. Eddie Villanueva for President!

Few hours from now, I will be going to my assigned poll precinct to vote straight for Bangon Pilipinas Party. Whew! I will be then so excited to cast my vote for the person whom can lead for a righteous governance. No other qualified presidential candidates has the criteria of a GENUINE LOVE for God and country but Bro. Eddie himself!

As young as my daughter (3 yrs old), she already knew what kind of a leader should we put in to lead our country. She is for Bro. Eddie!!! Just imagine this afternoon, she requested me to text all my families and relatives in our province to remind them to vote for Bro. Eddie for tomorrow's election. Sometimes, I may wonder why some of the "born-again Christians" would not support him? why? Are they blinded too??? Hmmmm...much better for my daughter she understands well!

Anyway, let us all pray for an honest, orderly and peaceful election. Let this election reminds us that the success and failure of our country is in our hands. So please vote wisely! I'm calling out to all mothers out there... let's work together to make it a point that we will elect the rightful leaders for our country. Let's do it for our children.

We want change, a real change!!!! That is why we are supporting for a righteous governance! Don't waste you votes, vote for Bro. Eddie :)


Karen Chayne said...

I'm also for Bro. Eddie Sis! He has been prophesied by many prophets and I do believe in that.

EINz said...

Yup! vote not wasted... same with me, I voted using my Maiden Name. I have updated my status but I can't find my precinct, so I decided to go back to precinct where I used to vote before.