September 12, 2009

What A Day!

Whew! We just arrived home three hours ago from a whole day strolling and a 'lil bit of shopping. lolz! Actually, after we've done our household chores, we went to Kumon Center for a parent's orientation and my daughter's assessment. After that, I let my lil girl played in the "Wonderland' for an hour then we had our lunch together with my sis and cousin. They had fun after at WOF then accompanied my cousin to shop some stuffs. Two hours was spent in the hospital visiting my father-in-law who was admitted last night. Again we went back to the mall and another window shopping was done...had some snacks then another errand to accomplish looking for a cloth for the car's seat cover...**Sigh**What a DAY!

FYI: It was because we had a power interruption in our place for the whole day...No aircons, e-fans and most of all no internet connection. lol!

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