September 27, 2009

How to Stop Wrinkles?

I am just re-posting this email that I got from RealAge. Here it is...

Most of us have heard the do's and don'ts of wrinkle prevention. Stay out of the sun, moisturize, don't smoke. But here are a few tricks you probably haven't thought of yet -- new stay-young skin secrets from the experts at

3 Smooth Secrets

Make these your mantra and you may be staring down fewer lines and wrinkles in the mirror:

* Eat soy.
Early research suggests soy may help protect against -- and possibly even heal some -- photodamage caused by sun exposure.

* Have a cup of cocoa. Research shows that two of the antioxidants in cocoa -- epicatechin and catechin -- can help shield against sun damage and improve your skin's hydration and blood circulation. All of which can help lead to smoother looking skin.

* Sleep on your back. Sleeping with your face in the pillow every night can cause wrinkles known as "sleep lines," say folks from The American Academy of Dermatology. Perpetual side sleepers tend to get these fine lines on their cheeks and chin, while people who sleep facing down can end up with a more furrowed brow.

Hope you learn something out from this post!

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