October 6, 2008

Media Influence!

I've noticed my 2 year old daughter this past month that she loves to watch movies a lot. I was quiet worried since too much exposure to media especially if still a kid is not good for them. I was thinking that her world will just turn around about what she saw. So shocked that she even memorized different spiels of the advertisements at a very young age. Oh my! She loves to watch telerserye- namely Dyosa,Varga,Goin Bulilit, Iisa Pa Lamang and a lot more (LOL)!

Before I used to let her see her brainy babies and other educational CDs & DVDs every morning. But now she even loves to watch fiction movies , just imagine she still wakes late at night just to watch her fave shows. She will even shed a tears if we will not let her see. It was so alarming for me as a mother!

Last week I was so shocked as in again, why? she was watching the movie Terminator III from the beginning till end together with his dad. I was put into sleep while both of them enjoyed the movie. I can't imagine how young is my daughter to be addicted with movies like this. Seldom you can see a 2 year old kid who who can finish a whole movie (a science fiction) without being disturbed. Oh no! this is not good anymore! What should I do especially that I can't be with her all the time since I am a working mom?
Don't disturbed her she's watching a movie...


Aisha said...

LOL! Oh wow! Yeah, kids are fascinated by movies as young as 2 yrs old or even less than that. Cute kaayo siya.

Cookie said...

whoa! she's not scared at all, huh? hehe. my little girl doesn't like to watch scary-looking people :) (talawan man :D)

Anyways, I do agree that kids should not be exposed to watch violent movies/shows. It's even recommended that they should refrain from watching too much tv kay maka mental block esp when she will go to school soon.

Allow her to watch kid-friendly show only. If she will cry & beg you to watch her fave show at night, let her cry and ignore her tantrums :) She'll get used to it later. That's the best discipline we can give to our toddlers.

Just hide all the Dvds that are not suited for her age.

Phebie said...

Exactly mommy cokz...I'll take your advice!