October 29, 2008

3 Great Breakfast-Drink Choices

Need a little something to help that oatmeal slide down?

Try one of these morning favorites. They taste great and do stuff like relieve achy joints, fend off insulin problems, and boost your brainpower.

Orange juice: A study showed that joint inflammation may be less likely in middle-aged people whose diets are rich in beta-cryptoxanthin. And oranges are brimming with it -- as well as anti-inflammatory vitamin C.

Coffee: Researchers think the brew may improve insulin sensitivity. Men in a study who quaffed four 8-ounce cups a day had a whopping one-third reduction in type 2 diabetes risk.

Apple juice: This sweet drink is swimming with the brain-boosting chemical acetylcholine, which feeds memory and juices up learning skills.


Unknown said...

i love apple juice...:)

faye said...

i prefare coffee although i have now now insomia! haha
passing here my friend

Unknown said...

hi mommy phebie, i am giving you a rose as a sign of my gratitude to you for being so nice and for being an inspiration to me. Please visit my site to pick it up. God bless!