October 15, 2008

Theatre Church Experience

To be raised by a family that was all God fearing, going to church is a must in our lives. There is an excitement in us whenever Sunday is coming up, in which it’s another opportunity to meet our God and worship him.

I am proud to say that I am a province girl who grew up in a born-again Christian family and I am really an avid church goer. Ever since I was a kid I joined Children’s Sunday’s School and even until my Christ Ambassadors days. When the time we move to the city, that’s the time I experience to attend services in a big/huge church. There was really a big difference between a province and a city church. The congregation itself are so many as well as the instruments are all complete. The time we had our church thanksgiving we held it in a movie theatre and it was so amazing, it was a great experience that I had. I remember that this was the time we had our Kids Praise presentation. It was so fun, the all the comfy cushioned seats were all taken, the room was so cold and everybody was there so focused on us as we performed. By the time we had our praise and worship, Oh God! It was another great experience; it was so nice to hear the complete seats of instruments that are so soothing to the ears. It is also nice to listen as the Pastor is delivering his words with the excellent sound system that was so different from the service in a traditional church.

Anyone of you experience attending a Church Service in a movie theatre? Am sure you too had a great experience with this. This conference that is coming up in MD is specifically for church Pastors who want to learn about starting a theatre church. For those Pastors out there who are living near in Maryland, I am inviting you to attend the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23 of 2008. If you are interested, Find out more on www.ncm.com. For sure you too will be blessed and had another great experience in your life and you will Find out more.



Anonymous said...

Hi Phebie. I work with National CineMedia and am happy to see you supporting the theatre church movement! I thought I should tell you, however, that the conference coming up in MD is specifically for church Pastors who want to learn about starting a theatre church. It isn't a worship service... I can find out if there are theatre churches in your area though, if you'd like to attend a theatre church service to see what it is like. I surely appreciate your support, but just wanted to make sure you knew that the conference was specific to Pastors. Many thanks, Laura

Unknown said...

I am from Bread of Life Makati. And we held our sunday services in one of the theaters in glorietta 4. We actually occupy 2 cinemas early morning every sunday. one for sunday schools(kids) and the other one for regular services.

Phebie said...

oh really? It's good to know that you are a born again Christian too.I was able to attend a Sunday Service at Cathedral of Praise before.