October 15, 2008

Fun fun fun with RD

A childhood memories will be incomplete if there were no enjoyments. Not just them who will enjoy such but even as adult as we are we'd love to do some fun too. I remember my childhood days playing board games with my cousins and siblings as one way of distressing from school. I was more on an academe person- I did not really enjoy those days having fun with those friends of mine from the outside. Most of my days were spent on my academics, church, and then home. But then, I enjoyed playing those board games that we had, it helped me a lot to increase my word vocabulary at a very young age. I'd love to play the crossword puzzle, boggle games, scrabble, millionaire’s games and other more.

Guess what? I thought that fun like games is good only for those little kiddies, but I was wrong! Even we, bloggers can make fun too with this. Now we can add a little fun to our own personal web space with free widgets and downloads from ReadersDigest.com Widgets. You can also visit RD Laughs Main and choose from the following that they are offering. The Word Power, the Daily Laughs, the Prop My Photo and the Toolbars. You can choose at least one of the application to try out or as many as you can. You too can add or download widgets to your own blog page.

It was really fun as I tried the Word Power, now is your chance to have fun while building your vocabulary. Do you think you’re smarter than me? Then go ahead and challenge your friend also to beat your score and see who comes out on top! See who’s got the bigger brains! Is it you or your friend?

You can also try to visit this site:
Stand-up Videos
Funny Cartoons

I encourage you to check out and download the widgets as well - it's easy!

Post?slot_id=23024&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialsparkTake the challenge and play Reader's Digest Word Power -- build your vocabulary, boost your brainpower and challenge a friend to beat your score! Our readers love the wordpower game. Where else can you test your knowledge, increase your vocabulary and have fun at the same time? <br>And now you can challenge your friends on word power and try to beat their best score. What are you waiting for? Play the word power game! <br>

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