October 2, 2008

PMC's Week 16 Photo Post: Then and Now!

The Ugly Duckling

Ever since I was a kid, I always heard from someone else telling me that I look very different from my siblings. Maybe I have a low bridged nose and not that pleasing physical attributes to their standards comparing to my sisters and brother. Deep inside I was really hurt, got a low self esteem, to the point that I would question myself If am I really their sister. (LOL!) One thing's for sure that God made me perfectly and wonderfully. As I grow maturely I know God has blessed me that much, among the four I was the only one with a good scholastic record till my graduate years. Glory to God! NOW? I gain my self confidence a lot, have a blissful marriage with a beautiful and a lovely daughter. As the story told: "the ugly duckling turn to be the a beautiful swan".

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