May 7, 2008

Missing you!

The other night, when we were about to take our sLeep my baby was so irritable that she just keep on crying having no hint at all why she felt like that. I tried to pLay with her but she's not on her mood. I tried to gave her milk but she refused. What happened? I remembered, just that afternoon my younger sis flew to Dubai to be with my elder sis to earn for a living. Maybe, my baby was just missing her Tita

that much since my sis was the one who took care of her since birth for the reason that I am a working mom. I missed her terribly that night that I was moved to tears even my husband asked what happend to me why I was crying hard. I said to him, nothing to worry it's just that I feel like missing her and maybe it was a good exercise for the heart too. Well, that's what life is all about... they have to move on for their own good. What we can gave to them is just our Prayer for their safety, good health and success for their God-willing plans. We miss you guys a lot!

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