May 9, 2008

Rainy Summer Days!

Philippines got only two kinds of climate: the sunny and the rainy days! We were so happy to welcome the summer days for it is the time to be with your love ones on a vacation, may it be on a beach, on a pool, island hopping or whatever is in the mind. This is the time where people loves to go out under the sun and go strolling in the mall with friends. But sad to say that, after we experienced the sunny days for just a month we are now experiencing a climate change. It really affects this time our food production here in the Philippines and most especially our farmers . Almost every afternoon we are experiencing heavy rain fall and in the morning seldom does the sun comes out to shine. Huhuhu! Our plan to go on a vacation somewhere else was cancelled due to the bad weather. So bad....Isn't quite contradicting---a Summer Rainy Days?Gosh!!!!

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