May 9, 2008


I considered seven (7) to be the perfect number for me--it is a Biblical number. Some says, it's some kinda bad luck for the reason of its stroke going down! Superstitious belief! Hahaha! After October 7, of 2005 we always celebrated our monthsary with my husband. May it be we go out on a date with flowers or without. But prior to the courtship time, he never failed to gave me a bunch of flowers every monthsary until we got married. I am a romantic type of person- I'd rather want to receive flowers than chocolates.

Imagine how time flies, we are on our 2 years, 7 mos and 2 days of being together as a couple. Just this May 7, I thought my husband forgot already that it was our monthsary since it was already 5pm and yet he didn't even greeted me. But I was wrong, the time when he got home from church, it was already 9pm when he surprised me with a 3 long stem red Holland rose. Guess what? It was not him who gave it to me, but my cute to look at my baby walking towards me with the flower. Hahay!!!Sigh! I thought the kilig moments was just only good during courtship time but it was not. Even after now, my husband would do some romantic surprises for me. Thanks much honey!

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