April 25, 2008


Our pet named Twinkle gave birth again for the third time, but the sad thing is she only have 2 puppies this time. Unlike her two preganancies, she gave birth at least 5 puppies...(huhuhu)..My grandpa gave her to us last year 2001 if i'm not mistaken. She's a mixed breed of shitzhu and a poodle. She's so maarte, we always see to it that her hair is always been blowered up after her bath...

Last night, my attention paid to her one little puppy who was having her deep sleep at the floor while the other one puppy was so busy sucking her mom's milk. What I did, I wake her up and put her beside her bro (lol). I was so happy to see them drinking their milk together. So, i called my daughter to let her see the puppies.
To my surprise, my daughter brought and umbrella with her and hit the two little cute innocent puppies...(poor little puppies!)(lol)
As of now, we still don't have names for them. Can you help me choose a unique one? (heheheh)

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