September 13, 2019

Sip A Cup of Great Coffee with Great Taste White's New Flavors

Are you coffee lovers? If you are, then, you have more reasons to indulge in a delicious cup anytime and anywhere! Don't you know that Great Taste White offers its latest variants to delight the craving of avid coffee drinkers?

With these Great Taste White Caramel and Great Taste White Crema, whether it's for starting the day right or for quick pick-me-ups in the middle of the day, they are bound to satisfy the busy and always on-the-go Filipino.

Great Taste White Caramel offers the perfect mix of roasted coffee and creams with hints of luscious caramel, blending a sweet linamnam for everyday coffee fix. So, if you are a fan of sweet and aromatic coffee, then, this one is for you!

Great Taste White Crema is a reminiscent of everyone's favorite latte! It is a combination of the real coffee taste with rich vanilla cream for a creamy linamnam that is more flavorful and  full bloodied coffer experience.

These are the new two variants,  and the original Great Taste white coffee mix, come in a fresh and attractive new packaging!

A trailblazer in the instant coffee industry, Great Taste continues to brew new experiences for Filipinos- from being the first to introduce white coffee mix, first twin pack size, and first, re-sealable pouch, among others.

Tikman and sarap ng tamang timpla with Great Taste White Caramel and Great Taste White Crema! These two new exciting variants come in 30g and 50g sachets, for only 6.05 (SRP) and 9.70 (SRP) respectively. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab these in sari-sari stores, groceries and supermarkets nationwide!


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